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Pretty as a Picture~Kamryn {Age 4}

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Kamryn~Age 4

A beautiful summer day…spent with one of my favorite little girls.  Kamryn just had her 4th birthday in July, and is ready and willing for just about anything!  She loves to dress up and look like a princess, a girl after my own heart 🙂  What a fun afternoon we had by a local canal, using the natural beauty of the surroundings, a bridge that has seen many a bicycle, a mural perfectly matched for the warm summer day, the lush greenery, and some beautiful black-eyed susansThe goal of this shoot was to capture the essence of girly summertime fun.


Summer Contest and Photo Giveaway!

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O.K. everyone…Looking to add $75 dollars to your summer budget? 

S.L. Jones Photography is hosting the first ever GIVEAWAY!  It’s super easy.  Simply share my Facebook page with as many of your friends as you can!

The person that sends the most new “fans” my way wins $75 toward any prints! (Good toward current or future orders!)  Make sure to tell your friends to let me know who sent them. 

Contest ends July 13th or by the time I hit 160 fans!

Why Custom Photography…and what is it anyway???

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Custom photography costs more, the wait for the final product is longer, and the sessions are generally twice as long!  I know what you’re thinking…why on EARTH would I choose that over a large chain where I can go in one hour and have my pictures the next?  One-size-fits-all chains do as they promise…they get your images to you quickly while keeping the cost low.  I have had many great images done at exactly those same chains as you have.  So what’s wrong with ask?  Not one thing.

But like most things in life…you get what you pay for.  Sometimes you simply don’t have the time, the money, or the need for custom photography.  Things like seasonal photos..Santa, Easter Bunny, etc. are perfect times to get the quick shots to keep as a cute, sweet memory.  Other times, are themed shoots…like getting photos in a Halloween costume, football uniform, etc.  I think that photography for the masses has it’s time and place, and delivers what you need it to.

You know what type of photography is out there at virtually every mall or shopping center, so I won’t go in to detail about what they offer.  However, you may not know what Custom Photography is…so let’s talk about that for a moment.

Custom Photography is…

~done by a photographer who is educated (either self-taught, from coursework, or a combo of both).  Bottom-line is…they know their camera and how to use it, not to mention the principals of basic photography and a “creative eye.”  Not only are custom photographers  knowledgeable, but also passionate about what they do.

~a personal experience…each and every session begins with a conversation about clothing, location, lighting, your style, basically everything that is going to contribute to the look and feel of your final images

~an event…to get the final images that have that special something, we will be chasing beautiful lighting, just the right setting, and that takes time!

~hard work…the job is not complete as soon as you part ways with your photographer.  Hours of creative editing, uploading, organizing photos into proofing galleries, communication, ordering, etc. goes into the final product.

~special…everything about the process is unique.  The setting, the processing of the photos, the endless choices in prints, fine art, and press books/albums.  The limitations that are inherently part of a “Big Box Studio” is just not an issue with custom work. 

I know what many of you are thinking…”I want something convenient and cheap, and the studios for the masses get the job done well most of the time.”  I’m not going to argue with any of that, it’s all true!  

I will leave you with this thought.  I went to a standard mall studio for the first 10 months of my boys’ lives.  I was happy with those photos then, and they still bring a smile to my face now.  For the boys’ one year photos I wanted to do something special….so we went the custom route.  These are the photos that will never leave my walls.  I look at them everyday and get so much joy from them, and for the past two years, I have never strayed back to the “mall studio.”  In fact, it’s what inspired me to begin the journey of becoming a photographer myself.  I now get the joy from both ends of the spectrum.  What else can bring someone that much joy for a lifetime?  Not much…that I know for sure.  Your memories are worth honoring and treasuring.  Tomorrow they will be just that…memories.  You owe it to yourself to have them preserved in such a way that will return that feeling of joy time and time again.

Attention 2011 Graduates!!!

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Whether you are soon to be graduating from 8th grade, High School, College, or Pre-K…it’s an important milestone in your life!  Spring weather is coming (believe it or not)….and I’m beginning to take appointments for April and May.  The next couple of months are the BEST because the weather will still be mild (aka..not scorching hot)..and you’ll have plenty of time to use your photos to create custom invitations for the party that will be sure to follow your graduation:)  Schedule your photo session today!!! 

Something for Seniors to get excited about….Become a Senior Rep for your school!  Contact me if you would like information on this referral program.  The more people you refer to S.L. Jones Photography…the more $ you can save on your session!  Happy Spring!!!!

You know what I love?

The sheer curiousity and amazement that can only be a child’s.  Adults wish they could bottle that kind of enthusiasm for life that children have.  It is hands-down my favorite thing about my boys and children in general.  They look at everything as if it’s the most glorious thing they have ever seen…they have a zest for life that is so rare and beautiful.  I love being able to not only witness but also capture that feeling in a photo. 

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