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Famous After I Die Art & Digital-Sarah McNabb

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Sometimes you just know from a young age when a person is truly a talented and gifted person.  I’ve known since forever that Sarah McNabb is one of those effortless talents.  Why should you know about Sarah?  Well, for starters, if you enjoy art of pretty much any kind (which I’m assuming you do), then there is no doubt you will not want to miss out on seeing what she’s been up to.  Whether it’s her latest illustration, blog post, or design, she will always have something to pique your interest.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Sarah since early childhood.  We often were “seat buddies” on the school bus.  During nearly every ride, I would request a drawing.  It really didn’t matter what she drew…I was simply mesmerized by the process of watching her artwork come to life….and come to life it does.

Ophelia's Intoxication of Moonlight

Image Courtesy of Sarah McNabb

Her talent was refined in high school when she fell into her niche as an artist.  Sarah holds a BA degree from Columbia College in Chicago, and went on to further her education at DePaul University as a graduate student in New Media Studies.  Adding in website and graphic design along the way…I begin to wonder if there is anything she can’t do.

Sarah’s inspiration for much of her artwork comes from one of her greatest loves…world travel.  She also gains inspiration from personal journeys and triumphs.  Her work is exquisite, memorable, and is a must-see.

Image Courtesy of Sarah McNabb

It is clear that Sarah exudes talent in its purest form…so really, why are you still here?  Visit her website at and her blog at  You won’t be sorry.  Don’t forget that Sarah also does web and graphic design…like her page on Facebook so you can keep up to date with her latest endeavors!

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