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The Beginning of Something Beautiful

In my opinion…okay in most people’s opinions, life moves by FAR too quickly.  One can never really “slow it down” BUT there are at least a couple of ways to revisit it.  1)  Journal about it   2) Record it

I have recently started a journal because I was beginning to have a daily anxiety attack that I would someday not be able to recall the small intricacies of those little *moments* with my children.  Now, I know I will remember the big ones, but in 10-15 years from now will I remember that instead of thirsty my boys say “firsty”?  Maybe.  Will I recall that one of my twins (you know who you are) wake up at 11:30 each and every night, so he can “hold me”?  Probably.  But I simply can’t risk the uncertainty of it all! I don’t know if I WILL in fact remember, so I write them down.

But far before I began to journal, I began to record.  Yes, we video (though not nearly enough) but we catch the big stuff.  The way I have chosen to truly pause life as I know it is through photography.  I began taking pictures of my own children as a hobby in 2009, and it has sprouted into a nice little business called SL Jones Photography.  And you know why?  Parents want beautiful, goofy, fun, timeless, and meaningful images of their children.  They want to remember the way their daughter wrinkles her nose, the way their son’s eyes light up, the way their little girl’s hair catches the light, how their little boy holds his arms up to be picked up…you get the idea.  Parents are fanatically, super-duper, crazy in love with their kids.  Enough said.

Pause it.

Play it Back.


This is your life…your memories.  They are special….find  a way to record them.  IF I happen to be the “way” to your pause button, I would be honored.




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